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Through a diaristic practice, I make mixed-media paintings of imaginative interior spaces. With a focus on both physical and mystical elements, seemingly disparate parts coalesce into a multi-dimensional idea of home. Paintings begin from digital collages created with photographs shot on my Google Pixel Pro. I then translate onto canvas using a range of material and a collage-based technique. I think about painting as a container of time and memory and am always in consideration of how the formal elements  are a metaphor for our distinct human experience. I use the language of painting to merge my deep love for Interior Design, Decoration, Pattern and Global Textile. Often the languages of advertising and graphic design make their way into the work, especially when creating custom commissions for innovative companies that invest in contemporary art. 


artist bio: 

Danielle Friedman is an artist born in Oceanside, New York in 1987. Upon earning her degree in Studio Art from Brandeis University in 2009, she moved to Mexico City as a recipient of the Mortimer-Hays Traveling Fellowship to design and produce a line of handmade fluorescent oil paint with GAPKA. Friedman received her MFA in Painting & Printmaking from Yale University in 2015. She is a recent artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center, Dumfries House Scotland and the Fountainhead Residency in Miami and has exhibited in Mexico City, Athens, France, Miami and New York City. She currently lives with her family in Harlem, NYC.

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